Looking for 24 hour towing in San Diego, 92107?

Fortunately, Tow San Diego is the right towing company for you regardless of where in or around the San Diego area you need towing services. Let’s face it, the road is an unpredictable place where anything can happen at any time.

As part of our 24 hour towing service, our staff are the right people in the towing business that can deliver on multiple aspects of your 24 hour towing needs. You need to work with a tow truck company that provides full roadside, repair, and universal pickup services, and doesnt overcharge for every little thing. But remember, communication is key in getting you a proper quote, today we have the power to properly diagnose situations virtually.

Here at Tow San Diego, you get;

  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance & Towing Services: Because you never know when or where you’ll need towing services or roadside assistance, we are there when you need us.Car battery jumpstart, flat tire fix, car keys locked out, out of gas refueling. Any towing work required as part of the 24 hour towing service – we got your back.
  • Affordable Towing Service: We don’t gouge you like the other towing services are known to do. We charge fairly because we know what it feels like to be stranded, and because we want to earn your repeat business.
  • Motorcycle Towing Service: What could be worse than getting caught with a broken-down bike in the rain? We’ve got motorcycle riders covered as well.If we can’t troubleshoot your bike on the spot, we’ll tow you home or to your ideal mechanic shop. Even with 24 hour towing, you may need some additional towing services. If so, no problem – we can do this too!
  • Flatbed Towing: There is no more safe or secure tow than a flatbed tow – because your security matters. This service is best for sports cars or vehicles unable to roll freely.
  • Apartment Towing: We will pick up your vehicle even in a cramped apartment complex parking lot because our towing professionals are that good. Or, if you have a stranded vehicle, the vehicle is in violation of apartment parking laws, our apartment towing services are right for the job.
  • Heavy Duty Towing: Not all towing companies will tow large, heavy-duty vehicles – but we do. Let us know your Heavy Duty Towing needs.
  • Towing Services Near You: Tow San Diego provides top quality, affordable, towing and services in all of San Diego County


We can always post ball-park figures online, but we have to divert to “it depends” when it comes to exact costs. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. We work with other San Diego local providers and have a strong referral network if we don’t service your area. To provide the most competitive quote, please contact us directly at +1 (619) 431-0015.

No 24 hour towing is too small or big!

With over 20 years of experience with 24 hour towing, Tow San Diego can confidently handle all aspects of your towing needs.

Why Choose Tow San Diego?

We know that hiring the right towing or wrecker company for 24 hour towing is of importance and relevant to getting the best value for your money. At Tow San Diego, we provide you with:

  • An experienced and expert trained tradesman who know all the ins and outs of 24 hour towing,
  • Quality tools for a quality job
  • Exemplary customer service at all times
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