Roadside Assistance San Diego Towing Services You Should Consdier

No one likes finding themselves stuck on the side of the road with a broken down vehicle. Our team at San Diego Towing Services can quickly solve your problem! Our experienced technicians can help with whatever problem that you have. Dead battery? Call us and we’ll be there in 30 minutes to get you back on your way. Have a wreck? We’re highly experienced in moving vehicles so that there is no further damage to the vehicle. With our full range of services and 24 hour road side assistance phone number, you’ll know that you are never without the help you need.

Roadside Assistance

Our Services


We offer a full range of towing and road side assistance services. If you need towing or vehicle transport, call us. We can help you out. This is a brief list of some of our most popular services:


  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Jump start service
  • Battery replacement service
  • Winching service
  • Machinery towing
  • Out of gas assistance
  • Flat tire assistance
  • Vehicle lockout service
  • Vehicle transport
  • Accident Removal
  • Abandoned Vehicle Removal

While these are our most popular services, we’re here to help anyway that we can.


Emergency Roadside Assistance


When you need help on the side of the road, our professional team is here to help. When you contact us, a driver will be quickly dispatched based on your needs. The dispatcher will help determine the true nature of your emergency. In some cases, a tow truck is not needed. This allows us to send one of our roadside assistance vehicles instead. This means that the service won’t cost as much. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road while providing an economical service.


Jump Start Service


There is nothing more frustrating that coming out to your vehicle and the battery won’t start. Most of the time, a dead or discharged battery won’t require towing. Our dispatchers will send the help you need to get a jump start. This gets you on your way quickly and safely. We work hard to keep you safe and avoid any unnecessary charges or repairs. If the problem is in fact bigger, we will get you to a service center for the repairs you need.


Battery Replacement Services


Sometimes a dead battery is the sign of a more significant issue. If that is the case, we have batteries in stock so that we can quickly get it replaced. This gets you back on the road without massive charges. If we can help on the spot, we will. For us, if we can resolve the problem without towing, we will do so. We strive to provide quality services for a low cost.


Winching Services


Sometimes, vehicles get stuck and need a little help being moved. This is where our winching services can help! If your vehicle slides into a ditch or gets stuck in the mud, call our team. Our winching vehicles will gently move your vehicle to safety in no time at all. Our equipment is powerful enough to get any job done safely.


Machinery Towing


At times, you or your company will need to move large pieces of machinery to a new location. Large equipment, such as backhoes and grading equipment, can be difficult to move long distances. We can take care of it with our heavy duty tow vehicles or flatbeds. When you call in, we’ll determine the best way to move the equipment so that it can be handled safely and economically.


Out of Gas Assistance


Running out of gas will leave you stranded on the side of the road. Our team will quickly respond to your call with the right fuel for your vehicle. We’ll deliver unleaded or diesel to your location so that you can get to the nearest gas station. We know that its frustrating to discover that you’re stuck without gas. So we’ll come as quickly as possible. Quality and safety are our priorities.


Flat Tire Assistance


Even if you rigorously check the condition of your tires, flat tires and blowouts do happen. When we arrive on the scene, our technicians will quickly get the tire changed. This can prevent a frustrating experience from completely disrupting your day. Our team will get you back on the road before you know it.


Vehicle Lockout Service


At one time or another, we have all accidentally locked the keys inside the car. You get that sinking feeling when you realize what has happened. The sight of the keys dangling from the ignition behind a locked door is a sinking feeling. Don’t worry! Our team will get to you location quickly and get the door unlocked. This gets you back to your day in minutes, not hours. Also, you won’t be charged with an exorbitant fee.


Vehicle Transport


We can help if you need a vehicle transported across the country or just to the next state. If you have a classic car that needs to be transported to a show, we’re here to help you. Our team is experienced in the safe handling of vehicles so that they arrive safe and sound.


Accident Removal


If you are involved in a wreck, our team can remove the vehicle safely. We work to make sure that the vehicle isn’t damaged any further. Our team will arrive and using our towing and winching equipment, we’ll get the damaged vehicle where it needs to go. You won’t have to worry about it. Our team will take care of everything.


Abandoned Vehicle Removal


Abandoned or junked vehicles can be an eyesore. When you are ready to get it moved, we can help get it out of there. Whether you decide to donate the vehicle or send it to the junkyard, our team will transport it for you.


Service Area


We maintain a large fleet of vehicles. This allows us to serve your needs throughout the San Diego area. With our specialized equipment, we can send teams to service personal vehicles, large machinery, RVs, semis, you name it and we can help.


As a full service towing and roadside assistance provider, we can tackle any job, big or small. Our 24/7 call center is always available to send help to your location. We’re able to respond quickly so that you aren’t left waiting in an unsafe situation for a long time. Also, we are committed to provide superior service for an affordable price. We know that you didn’t ask to get stuck on the side of the road and need a quick resolution. That’s what we offer. When you need help, give us a call. Our team will be there to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.